Building Oil Shear Clutches & Brakes

Building Oil Shear Clutches & Brakes from Force Control Industries, Inc.

3660 Dixie Highway Fairfield, OH 45014

Company Profile
Force Control clutches and brakes with Oil Shear Technology are of the wet or hydroviscous type which transmit torque between the drive plates and friction surfaces. Specially formulated transmission fluid is used for cooling and provides a hydroviscous fluid film between the friction disc and the drive plate during the dynamic phase of engagement.

The transmission fluid in shear transmits torque between the two components increasing as the clamping pressure increases until mechanical lock up occurs. By cooling the friction surfaces and reducing the mechanical wear, a significant increase of thermal capacity and total cycle life is possible.

Many competitive clutches and brakes depend on friction between dry surfaces surrounded by air to transmit torque. During engagement of dry surfaces, high heat caused by slipping is difficult to dissipate quickly causing wear, glazing, and friction material degradation. This in turn causes positioning inaccuracy, limited service life, and possible safety issues.

Oil Shear Technology only works if the fluid is in the right place at the right time.


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